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Eines vorweg: Unsere Lernangebote ersetzen keine wissenschaftliche Ausbildung in BWL, VWL oder Entrepreneurship. Sie sind jedoch eine Grundlage, um einen Einblick in diese Felder zu bekommen und/oder bestehendes Wissen um unterschiedliche Perspektiven zu erweitern.

„Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way!“ If you are not sure which group you want to join, then we suggest you learn about basic leadership principles and techniques first in this class. This will not only result in the ability to empower others. You will also move your butt more effectively.

Diversity is not just about gender, sex, and culture. You will be surprised how many different personality traits we all combine that have a huge impact on our interaction in the work place. This course gives you the basic framework of how to develop sensitivity for managing this wonderful pluralism human beings bring to the table.

If you have trouble meeting deadlines or if you never get done what you want to get done – take a break and calm down for a moment. This is not because you are too stupid or lazy or whatever your might blame yourself with. It is simply because you have not taken the time to learn some tools. If you want them, take this class. 

Basics of understanding and developing organizational cultures. This course is particularly interesting for people without prior business experience who feel they have „no idea what business is like“ and who feel like strangers in corporate environments! Stop judging yourself and others and learn about it instead!

This course introduces you to basic terms and concepts that are relevant for founding an enterprise. It is important to note that „entrepreneurship“ is not limited to commercial enterprises. This course is just as much about motivation and inspiration as it is about business thinking.


Die oben genannten Module (Management, Entrepreneurship, etc.) beinhalten eine Fülle unterschiedlicher Einzelthemen. Zu jedem Thema gibt es Lernmaterialien in unterschiedlichen Formaten, darunter Book Lectures, Präsentationen (ppt) und Bücher. Darüber hinaus kannst Du zur Vertiefung 1:1 Tutorials buchen. Die Materialien sind nach Formaten geordnet und in die Modulbereiche untergliedert. Das ermöglicht es Dir, je nach Lerntyp die entsprechend aufbereiteten Inhalte zu finden. Manche hören z.B. gern Lectures und sind thematisch offen. Andere dagegen haben keine Präferenz bei den Formaten, möchten jedoch so viel wie möglich über ein Thema lernen. Beides ist möglich.


Storylearning lectures about business books


Presentations with background info on specific topics

Mini Books

Short books with research on theories and methods

1:1 Tutorial

Individual skype chat to discuss topics (1 hour)

90% aller Unternehmen nutzen Storytelling nur im Marketing. Wir ändern das!