Ausgewählte Lehrveranstaltungen

2019 „Start-Up Literature: Stories of Success and Failure“ (Seminar), Marburg U, American Studies Department.

2018 “Making the World We Seek: Dialogue and Diversity in the U.S. and Germany” (Interdisciplinary Seminar), Marburg U, American Studies & Political Science

2016/17 “Diversity Management in Marketing: Going beyond Gender” (Seminar), Giessen U, Department of Business Administration; Marketing and Sales

2016 “Leading Women in U.S. Business History and Present” (Lecture course), Giessen U, Department of Business Administration; Marketing and Sales

2016 “Industry 4.0: How New Media Transform the Work Place” (Proseminar), Marburg U, American Studies Department

2015/16 “Start-Up Women in U.S. History and Present” (Proseminar), Marburg U, American Studies Department

Aktuellste Vorträge

„Diversity Leadership als Haltung: Es gibt mehr als einen Kuchen zu verteilen.“ 2018 Studieren Ohne Grenzen Wirkungstagung, Marburg. 18.11.2018.

Arab American Women in Business: The Impact of Cultural Intelligence on Leadership Styles.“ 2018 World Congress of Middle East Studies (WOCMES), Sevilla University. 19 July 2018.

„The American Scholar as Public Intellectual: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edward Said, and the Struggles around Academic Influence(s).“ Philipps University Marburg, 7 February 2018.

„What Diversity Can Be – Expanding the Concept, Using Its Potential.“ 2017 Diversity in/and the GAAS Conference. Bavarian American Academy, Munich, 21 October 2017.

„’The Trouble with Diversity’: Managing Difference in Higher Education.“ 2017 International Youth Seminar What Keeps Society Together? Dialogue and Democracy in Times of Migration. Gustav Stresemann Institut Bad Bevensen, Berlin, 23 July 2017