PD Dr. Silke Schmidt


  • Year of birth: 1983
  • City: Wiesbaden
  • Family status: Mother of many books , 1 dog
I have been reading founder stories since I was a teenager - Disney, Walmart, McDonald's... Later, I switched to Silicon Valley stories. I have always been fascinated by how people use their creativity to build companies that really change the world. As COMPANYPOET, I use my writing talent to help companies read their own story from a different perspective. This helps them grow and I have the privilege of growing with every conversation I have with my clients and their teams.
Silke Schmidt

Professional training

Habilitation (PD), Venia Legendi American Studies (Marburg)
Systemic coach (Wiesbaden)
Doctoral studies (Dr. phil.) American Studies (Marburg)
Academic PR consultant (Heidelberg, Krems)
Master (M.A.): American Studies, Political Science, Media Studies (Mainz, Philadelphia)
Industrial clerk (IHK Ludwigshafen)
High school diploma
Als COMPANYPOET I am a living tape recorder, translator, coach, and artist in one person.
Silke Schmidt

Professional experience

2018                     Founder COMPANYPOETS.COM and diebuntenhunde.com 
since 2011          Lecturer, American Studies, Uni Marburg
2010-18               Research associate, Unis Mainz, Giessen
since 2010          Freelance PR consulting
2007-10               PR assistant, care provider
2005-2018          Instructor for intl. political youth education 

Stays abroad (> 1 month)

2015 Israel/Palestine; 2014 Hong Kong; 2012 Cairo, Egypt; 2011/2012 Ann Arbor, U.S.; 2008 Havana, Cuba; 2008 Sanaa, Yemen; 2007/2008 Philadelphia, U.S.; 2006 Kumasi, Ghana; 2000/2001 Las Vegas, U.S. (High School)


Englisch (fluent), Spanish (advanced), French (advanced), Arabic (basic), Hebrew (basic)

Selected publications

Schmidt, Silke. “The Trouble with Diversity Management in American Studies: Calling for a Balanced Value Approach in Academic Organizations.” The Many Faces of Diversity. Ed. Carmen Birkle and Silke Schmidt. forthcoming.

—. “Ahead of the Curve in the MBA Bubble: Institutional Narcissism and the Narrative Reconstruction of Moral Agency.” Frontiers of Narrative Studies 3.1 (2017): 142-57.

—. “The (Ante-)Narrative of G/growth in Management Consulting as Liminal Sense-Making Strategy.” ReThinking Management: New and Critical Perspectives on Managing and Organizing, with and beyond Cultural Turns. Ed. Wendelin Küpers, Stephan Sonnenburg, and Martin Zierold. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2017. 151-70.

—. (Re-)Framing the Arab/Muslim: Mediating Orientalism in Contemporary Arab American Life Writing. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2014.

—. Business Survival Guide – Culture Clash: Business Coaching für (Geistes-) Wissenschaftler. Hamburg: kreutzfeldt digital, 2014.