COMPANYPOETS are "writing rebels."
We use writing as a powerful resource to bring about cultural change to organizations and society. Entrepreneurship is not merely an activity, it is a mindset. We want to foster a startup culture which appreciates the diversity of individual talents and inspires a "just to it" culture to make people of any background regain agency over their lives and dreams.
Silke Schmidt

Our Vision -


COMPANYPOETS are driven by the vision to create impact in business and society. Writing runs deeply and has the power to bring knowledge and emotions to the surface in a way that hardly any other medium can. Writing connects people and things, it connects the writer to the world, it can connect companies with their people. Writing is authentic and helps unveil the true identity behind a brand. This creates trust and understanding that helps people and organizations to be found by like-minded souls.


Our vision in detail:

WRITING to spread knowledge: Since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, writing has become the symbol of knowledge production and communication. With the stories we write for our clients, we seek to make writing as knowledge tool available to organizations that want to learn new things about themselves and share this process with their entire team and partners.

CONNECTING the dots: New insights hardly ever come up because there is genuinely new information available. Rather, heureka moments happen when we suddenly see new connections between seemingly familiar things. This is what writing allows you to do – recognize how things are related and draw conclusions that enable you to strategically use your strengths.

GROWTH for your company and your personality: Writing is a means of introspection and self-observation. When you are reading your own company story in a book, you start seeing your strengths from a different perspective. This kind of reflection triggers growth. Reading and discussing your story and the current challenges in the plot gives way to enormous potential to grow as a team and as an individual leader.


"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."
Steve Jobs
Apples Visionary