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People learn from stories. This also holds true for companies. We have developed an innovative method that combines writing, coaching, and consulting. It helps you gain a 360° overview of the status quo in your organization to facilitate strategic decision making that helps you grow.

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Words and deeds for the people in the stories.
Learn to reflect on your own story from a different angle
Networking among strategic partners
Cultural translation between startups, corporates, and science


Business has never been more fun -  What did the Airbnb founders do to save their company? How was it possible for Steve Jobs to save Apple? What does Sheryl Sandberg suggest as a solution for the women's leadership challenge? This curriculum is all about learning from the inspiring stories of great business leaders. Modules include leadership, management, communication...

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PD Dr. Silke Schmidt
PD Dr. Silke Schmidt

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    Michael Opieczonek
    Michael Opieczonek

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      Dr. Sonja Wegner
      Dr. Sonja Wegner



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