People learn from stories. This also holds true for companies. We have developed an innovative method that combines writing, coaching, and consulting. It helps you gain a 360° overview of the status quo in your organization to facilitate growth based on using the unique potential of diverse teams.

Business Cases

Where can Storylearning create maximum impact?
Organizational Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast - especially in times of transformation and rapid growth.

Talent Management
Unique talents only create value if their strengths are discovered, channeled, and appreciated.
Executive Development

You only see in others what is inside yourself. Becoming aware of your full potential is the first step to using it.


Learning (self-)leadership from success stories -  Is it not strange that there are so many books about leadership but when we really need help, we trust in experience? Our Curriculum links essential theoretical concepts with a biographical approach to learning. The workshops are hands-on, exciting, and personal. Topics include: Entrepreneurship, Project Management, and Intercultural Communication


The people behind the story
PD Dr. Silke Schmidt
PD Dr. Silke Schmidt

CEO & Founder

    Michael Opieczonek
    Michael Opieczonek

    Business Development

      Dr. Sonja Wegner
      Dr. Sonja Wegner



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